In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing technological landscape, organizations are constantly looking for ways to modernize their applications and stay ahead of the competition. This often involves migrating applications to modern, secure digital platforms, such as physical, virtual, or cloud-based systems. However, this process can be time-consuming, complex, and costly, especially for those organizations without in-depth application knowledge and skills.

To help address these challenges, appCURE, the leading provider of application migration solutions, and AppVentiX, a provider of innovative real-time application delivery platforms, have announced their partnership to bring a comprehensive and efficient solution to the application transformation and delivery process.

The partnership leverages the strengths of both companies to provide customers with an end-to-end solution that simplifies the migration of applications to modern, secure digital platforms. With appCURE’s unique “Running capture” capability, there’s no need for install media, extensive “clean” machine builds, or deep application knowledge, making the migration process much easier and more efficient.

The joint solution will allow customers to rapidly deliver applications, reducing time to production from months to days and freeing up IT resources for other projects. It will also improve application compatibility and reduce the risk of application failures and extended project times.

appCURE’s “Running Capture feature and extensive transformation portfolio, combined with AppVentiX’s real-time application delivery platform, will help organizations of all sizes to modernize their applications with ease and confidence in the cloud and\or on-premises. The partnership will also help organizations to improve their overall productivity, reduce costs, and automate their application delivery process.

In conclusion, the partnership between appCURE and AppVentiX represents a major step forward in the simplification and streamlining of the application transformation and delivery process. Organizations will now have access to a comprehensive and efficient solution that will help them to modernize their applications, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve their digital transformation goals.

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