appCURE Studio

Simplify Application packaging and Delivery using appCURE’s Studio product set.


appCURE Studio’s Features

A full suite of solutions to help move your application workloads, convert, package and certificate code signing to enable project and production timeline increase.


Running Application Capture

Capture application installs from endpoints with or without install media to assess migration of workloads to your digital workspace of choice.

MSIX Conversion

Convert your applications to a Microsoft standard installer such as MSI or MSIX and create and deliver to the format of your choice.

MSIX App Attach

appCURE Studio offers the best in class capabilities for MSIX App Attach including proprietary CIMFS conversion and MSIX Image testing.

VMware App Volumes

VMware App Volumes is a real-time application delivery system that enterprises can use to dynamically deliver and manage applications.

Install Capture

When creating an application package, you install the application on the packaging instance. During the installation, the appCURE Studio captures all changes to the file system, registry, environment, and other systems to create a new output in MSIX format.

MSIX Editor

Inspect, edit and check the configuration of any MSIX package. This feature also includes an “MSIX app Attach” good candidacy check to help admins confirm suitability for Azure Virtual Desktop.

MSIX and App Attach Smoke Testing

appCURE provides a full suite of smoke testing tools including install smoke testing, launch testing and MSIX App attach Image testing. You can very quickly test your applications to ensure they work, before deploying to an environment.

Application Remediation

appCURE offers remediation tooling to help with application fixes, Package Support Framework (PSF) and general tidying up of applications.

App-V Conversion

The appCURE App-V packaging tool natively converts a App-V packages to MSIX, removing the requirement to re-package them.

Access Over 3000+ Third Party Apps to repackage

appCURE Studio provides administrators streamlined access to thrid party applications that can be downloaded and then repackaged in to the format of choice. Applications can be downloaded from public and private repositories. 

Shared Package Container Support

appCURE studio v4 brings support for the creation, testing, and removal of a shared package container. Shared Package containers help improve MSIX adoption as each container within the shared package container configuration can communicate with each other.

Certificate Management and Replacement

appCURE provides comprehensive certificate management capabilities enabling creation, management and fast replacement of certificates for 100’s of MSIX packages in minutes.

Microsoft Intune Support

Upload MSIX and MSI Format applications quickly to Microsoft Intune. Simple to use feature enabling rapid delivery of applications into Microsoft Intune

Azure Files Upload

appCURE studio v4 simplifies the transfer of applications to Azure Files.

AppVentiX Intergration

Push your packaged MSIX’s, MSIX Images, Certificates and Shared Package containers to AppVentiX with a click of a button.

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