Legacy Applications

Migrate your older applications to MSIX and Microsoft’s in support Modern Operating Systems


appCURE Curing older apps

appCURE simplifies the migration of applications from older operating systems quickly and securely to in-support operating systems for both client OS and server OS.

Deliver older apps in Microsoft’s MSIX packaging format.

No need for vendor lock-in, appCURE use Microsoft Native packaging formats to deliver your applications to the modern operating system.

Once packaged into the MSIX packaging format, you can then use features like Dynamic Application Delivery (MSIX app attach) for Azure Virtual Desktop.


No need for Type-2 Hypervisor technology

Some of today’s market offerings include the use of type2 Hypervisor containers which essentially run older operating systems and the required application in a bloated container. This can be resource-demanding on the underlining operating system.


Applications packaged using MSIX run in a lightweight application container. The app processes run inside the container and are isolated using both file system and registry virtualisation. Apps within the MSIX container can read the global registry but only write to its own virtual application data folder and own virtual registry. Other apps do not have access to the virtual registry or virtual file system of a app packaged using MSIX.

16-bit Apps

The days of running 16-bit applications natively are gone. However, appCURE understands that certain factors within an organisation, these applications still need to be used. This could be for data retention, manufacturing systems, or elongated application redevelopment time frames. appCURE can help you deliver 16-bit applications on a Windows Modern operating system.

16-bit 1982 Game as a MSIX Package

The following video shows the game PARATROOPER from 1982 running in an MSIX package. The game runs solely inside the container which provides a level of improved security compared to native delivery.

Deliver your older applications to multiple formats

appCURE provide multiple native packaging formats. If you are not ready to move to MSIX, appCURE can help you deliver applications in a MSI format and others like VMware App Volumes.

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