Case Study

Calor Gas

Case Study: Calor Gas

Industry: Utilities and Energy

 One of Britain’s best-loved brands migrates to the Modern Desktop with
appCURE Studio to achieve Security Compliance as well as improve
sustainability and manageability.


Calor Gas have spent over 85 years supplying energy to off-grid homes and businesses across the UK. Calor have sustainable energy available now, and working towards decarbonising rural Britain with simple and straight forward
energy solutions.

With so many years of providing IT services to the user base around the country, it meant that a number of key applications that had been developed over that time were still critical to the business but were not capable of being
installed on a modern desktop.

Utilising appCURE’s unique running capture capability, Calor was able to successfully move their applications to a new Citrix infrastructure supporting the latest versions and Citrix Cloud. By successfully moving to the new Citrix
platform, Calor were able to avoid redevelopment of some of the applications which would have been costly and time consuming. It also allowed the IT team to reduce the number of different operating systems that they maintained, which both reduces maintenance time but more importantly improves the security.

User experience and customer service

Once all the legacy applications were captured, they were tested on the new Citrix infrastructure. Not only did the applications work as well as on the legacy servers but they actually were faster! These key applications will
improve the customer service that Calor provides without the need for a complex redevelopment
Calor said
To go from applications that could not install on a modern Operating System to working seamlessly and faster was incredible to see”

Advantage of appCURE

appCURE Studio is unique because of its ‘running capture’ enabling a running application to be captured, packaged and provisioned using Microsoft (MS) standard formats, without the need for install media, documentation or specific application knowledge. With appCURE Studio an organisation can quickly move applications to new supported platforms on cloud, virtual or physical.

Calor believed that moving the applications to the new platform was impossible, but with the help of the Citrix technical team they were introduced to appCURE Studio

 The future

Calor continue their rollout of the Citrix platform and will look at appCURE to deliver more functionality around automation and managing the applications.

Customer support and services

The appCURE team have years of experience assessing, packaging and remediating applications across both server and desktops. Calor said “appCURE have been brilliant, we just would not have done this without them”



appCURE allowed us to move to the modern desktop without costly and time consuming redevelopment, they have been brilliant!” 

IT Department, Calor Gas


  • Managing security and compliance issues 
  •  applications would not run
    on modern operating systems
  •  Windows 2008 to 2019 migration
  •  Citrix XenApp 6.5 to latest
    Citrix Cloud 
  •  Key business apps that have not been modernised yet
  • Cost of MS extended support on legacy operating


  •  Application works natively
    on Windows 10 and 2019
  •  Remove legacy servers from estate, removing management burden and improving sustainably


appCURE Studio


  • Windows 10
  • Server 2019
  •  SQL databases
  • MS Office
  • Physical and Virtual

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