AppVentiX Integration

Package into MSIX, and deliver to AppVentix with appCURE.

appCURE’s AppVentiX Integration

  • Migrate legacy SCCM packages to AppVentiX
  • Accelerate your application migration project.
  • single pane of glass for packaging and delivery into AppVentiX
  • Shared Package Container distribution
  • Automate Certificate Replacement

Package your applications with appCURE and deliver them to your workspace with AppVentiX. 


See the Integration in Action

The following video demonstrates the integration between appCURE and AppVentiX.


Upload and Manage MSIX Packages

Package to MSIX and then upload to AppVentiX

Package Faster

Package Applications to production quicker using appCURE’s Product Portfolio.

SCCM to AppVentiX

appCURE offers one of the industry’s fastest ways to extract installation media from SCCM and quickly convert to MSIX

Access to 3000+ Apps

Quickly download and package Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software into MSIX, then Push to AppVentiX.

Simplify the packaging Process

appCURE takes care of all the packaging machine requirements, simplifying the configuration and admin Experience.

Improved Success/Fidelity

Achieve a higher success/fidelity rate using appCURE and MSIX.

Find out how appCURE & AppVentiX can help your organisation migrate to a Modern Workspace?