Packaging MSIX with VMware App Volumes

Packaging MSIX with VMware App Volumes

Did you know that you can deliver your MSIX packages to the workspace using VMware App Volumes?

Here is the good news! appCURE helps simplify and speed up the whole process. appCURE introduced to the product portfolio “appCURE VolMGR” for use with packaging VMware App Volumes.

appCURE has worked closely with the VMware App Volumes team to produce a very simple solution that enables packaging on/offline using a very simple client UI.

appCURE adds significant value with five different Installation media capture/collection techniques, including the proprietary running capture technology enabling appCURE to capture applications off older operating systems whist running.

The logical diagram below depicts how the appCURE VMware App Volumes MSIX packaging process works…

for more information on appCURE’s VolMgr product, check out the appCURE VolMgr product page here.

appCURE’s key focus is to help customers get to production quicker and we continue to keep adding value in spaces where customers can save time and reduce costs.

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