Announcing appCURE Studio v3

Announcing appCURE Studio v3

appCURE is pleased to announce appCURE Studio v3. 

 The latest version boasts a new product graphical user interface, improved core capabilities, and unique features that further support customers and partners. appCURE continues to focus on improving application migration, MSIX enablement, modernisation, and management capabilities, enabling customers to get to production faster.

This release brings the following feature announcements:

  • Intune Support for MSI and MSIX
  • Heterogeneity application reporting
  • Access to 4000+ applications for repackaging
  • Packaging optimisations
  • MSIX inspection and MSIX App Attach “Good candidacy Check”
  • Leading MSIX app attach tooling offering unmatched packaging capabilities and smoke testing
  • Advanced MSIX Certificate Management and handling
  • Multiple vendor Integrations
  • MSIX shared Package Container support

Read the full Change log here: 

Release appCURE Studio V3 · ssh2appslimited/appCURE_Studiov3_public

See the following press release for more information on this announcement:

appCURE (SSH2apps ltd) announces appCURE STUDIO V3 – IssueWire

Stay tuned for our next series of announcements on automation and partner integration.

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