Over the last 10 years the Industry has seen some significant changes in technology. One of these changes is the ability to control devices using Cloud based services enabling configuration, policy and application management.

introduced in September 2022 appCURE released version 3.1 of appCURE studio including the ability to quickly upload both MSIX packages and Intunewin files.

This Intune upload feature enables the rapid upload of applications packaged with appCURE to be delivered directly into your Intune tenant ready for assignment to users/groups.

The following screenshot shows a simple application uploaded into Microsoft Intune ready to be assigned:

The following diagram provides a simple logical illustration of how this feature works:


This is a great feature for those who are delivering apps to Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 aka (Cloud PC) and Physical devices.

appCURE’s key focus is to help customers get to production quicker and we continue to keep adding value in spaces where customers can save time and reduce costs.

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