Over the last 6 months, appCURE has been working hard to bring to the market some big updates to the appCURE product portfolio. One of our latest innovations is the newly added capability to extract all Installation media from SCCM ready to be processed and repackages with appCURE. This ground-breaking feature enables customers to quickly extract all the SCCM Installation media without impacting existing production systems and then process/repackage ready for ingestion to a new modern workspace like Microsoft Intune, and VMware WorkspaceOne / VMware App Volumes.

introduced in September 2022 appCURE released version 3.1 of appCURE studio including the new SCCM extraction feature.

 This feature also includes bandwidth throttling to prevent bandwidth saturation and noisy neighbour issues from occurring.

The following diagram depicts the solution in logical form: 

appCURE’s key focus is to help customers get to production quicker and we continue to keep adding value in spaces where customers can save time and reduce costs. 


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