Here is another great example of how appCURE is helping customers. We are quite simply unsticking stalled projects and helping customers migrate quicker! This specific case study is on the challenges associated with migrating to Citrix cloud due to legacy app issues.

 “Utilising appCURE’s unique running capture capability, Calor was able to successfully move their applications to a new Citrix infrastructure supporting the latest versions and Citrix Cloud. By successfully moving to the new Citrix
platform, Calor were able to avoid redevelopment of some of the applications which would have been costly and time consuming. It also allowed the IT team to reduce the number of different operating systems that they maintained, which both reduces maintenance time but more importantly improves the security.”

appCURE allowed us to move to the modern desktop without costly and time-consuming redevelopment, they have been brilliant!” 

IT Department, Calor

You can read more on the work we did here: Calor Gas Case study


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