appCURE announce Volume manager for VMware App Volumes. With help from VMware, appCURE has developed the capability and flexibility to enable customers to migrate their applications to App Volumes, convert existing installers from SCCM to App Volumes and also convert MSIX & app attach images to the App Volumes format.

This release brings the following feature announcements:

• SCCM to App Volumes
• Running capture to App Volumes
• 4000+ applications directly package into App Volumes.
• Off network VMware App Volumes capturing
• App Volumes packaging and optimisations
• App Volumes smoke testing

See the following press release for more information on this announcement: 

appCURE (SSH2apps ltd) announces appCURE volMGR – IssueWire

Stay tuned for our next series of announcements on appCURE Studio v3 .

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