appCURE Announces Integration between Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and appCURE Studio

appCURE Announces Integration between Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and appCURE Studio

 appCURE is pleased to announce our latest partnership and Integration with Nerdio , combining the capabilities of both technologies to help customers migrate to Microsoft’s fast-growing desktop, application and virtualization offerings (Azure, Microsoft 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop). 


 As more and more organisations look to migrate services and applications to the cloud, one of the biggest challenges remains the migration of applications from older operating systems. This problem becomes more apparent when missing installation media and lost documentation and information are required, which can cause a significant impact to a migration project’s timeline or stall a project completely. This, combined with challenges around cost implications of the cloud, optimisation and management of scalable technology, can cause organisations to run up large unoptimized IT costs.
The Nerdio and appCURE partnership and new integration helps organisations quickly simplify application migration, management and transformation into a production environment. In addition, the integration offers enhanced application lifecycle management and the advantage of modern application formats such as MSIX and MSIX App Attach .
Combining Nerdio and appCURE provides a best-in-class enterprise workspace solution for Microsoft 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop.


Dynamic application delivery, also known as MSIX app attach

 Nerdio Manager for Enterprise adds value on top of Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Microsoft Intune by delivering hundreds of features that simplify management, ensure efficient operations, and lower Azure compute and storage costs by up to 80%.
Today, Nerdio offers improved MSIX App Attach capabilities and streamlined management in the Nerdio Manager for Enterprise platform that adds great value on top of Azure Virtual Desktop’s native capabilities and provides an enhanced experience for the IT admin. In addition, Nerdio’s solution takes care of application lifecycle management, version control and code signing certificate requirements required for MSIX packages and MSIX App Attach.


appCURE’s application transformation portfolio

appCURE is based on Capture, Update, Remediate and Execute (CURE), the four base process principles on which the technology is built on. appCURE provides a comprehensive application packaging toolkit designed to unstick application migration projects and simplify the transition of applications to modern digital workspaces. appCURE also helps handle day two operations, including managing updates when required to keep applications in production.
Using appCURE Studio, you can package and convert applications into MSIX even if you don’t have the original installer for the application. appCURE’s running capture technology enables you to capture the application off the older operating system & package the captured app directly into MSIX, avoiding project delay and enabling the applications to be delivered to a modern digital workspace.
appCURE boasts an average time of approximately 6-8 minutes per application transformation, including smoke testing.


Nerdio and appCURE Integration

With appCURE studio 3.4 and future releases, you can now take full advantage of the Nerdio and appCURE Integration, which enables you to easily capture, transform and publish applications into the MSIX format for any user. There is no manual action or scripting required when using Nerdio and appCURE. appCURE and Nerdio simplify the IT administrator’s MSIX App Attach experience and reduce the number of master images needed when delivering a virtual desktop environment. appCURE transforms the applications and delivers them into Nerdio’s MSIX app attach library.
appCURE and Nerdio help customers migrate quicker to production, unstick stalled projects and continue to manage application version control and cost optimisation today and into the future as the platform changes to facilitate the business challenges.

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Improving Application Compatibility with PSF and appCURE Studio

Improving Application Compatibility with PSF and appCURE Studio

The Package Support Framework (PSF) helps developers and IT admins package applications into the MSIX package format. PSF is designed to help overcome common challenges when packaging and deploying software using MSIX, such as compatibility issues, missing dependencies, incorrect registry entries and issues related to running the application inside an MSIX container.

PSF consists of three core components: the PSF Launcher, Config file and Fixups. The PSF Launcher is a small executable responsible for starting your application. The Fixups are small dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) that the PSF Launcher loads to fix any issues that might prevent your application from running and the config file that you use to configure PSF.

PSF is beneficial for developers and IT Admins who are repackaging and deploying desktop applications. In these cases, the PSF helps to ensure that your application runs on modern versions of Windows and can handle different hardware configurations. For example, suppose your application relies on a specific version of the .NET Framework. In that case, PSF can be configured to ensure that this version is installed before your application starts. However, you may want to handle the required runtime before installing apps.

Another advantage of the PSF is that it helps resolve dependencies between different application components. For example, suppose your application relies on a specific version of a DLL. In that case, the PSF can be configured to ensure that this DLL is included in the installation package and is available when the application starts. Again, this helps ensure your application runs smoothly and is free of compatibility issues.

Finally, PSF is easy to use with the help of appCURE Studio. PSF uses a simple JSON configuration file that developers and IT admins can modify to specify the fixups they want to use and the configuration options they need. This file is part of the installation package and is read by the PSF Launcher when the application starts. appCURE Studio helps simplify the manual creation and customisation of these PSF configuration files, making the process of using the PSF even more accessible for IT admins.

In conclusion, the Package Support Framework (PSF) is a powerful tool for IT admins and developers packaging and deploying desktop applications into the MSIX format. The PSF helps improve application compatibility when using MSIX as a packaging format.


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Say Goodbye to Packaging Paralysis: The Benefits of MSIX and AppCURE for Your Business

Say Goodbye to Packaging Paralysis: The Benefits of MSIX and AppCURE for Your Business

Are you struggling with the complexities of app packaging and delivery? Do you want to realize the reliability and cost savings of modern packaging technologies like MSIX? Then we have some great news for you!

At appCURE, we’re proud to partner with Microsoft to help drive the adoption of MSIX and enable better app compatibility on Windows 11, Aure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365. In this post, we’ll share some of the feedback we’ve received from Microsoft and explain how appCURE can help your business benefit from the power of MSIX.

What is MSIX?

MSIX is a modern packaging format that simplifies and streamlines the process of packaging, delivering, and managing Windows apps. MSIX enables several benefits, such as reliability, security, performance, and flexibility, that traditional packaging formats like MSI or EXE can’t offer. MSIX packages are self-contained, signed, and can be installed, updated, or uninstalled with minimal impact on the system.

Why is MSIX Important?

MSIX is essential because it offers a modern way of delivering and managing apps that aligns with the current and future needs of IT and end-users. With MSIX, you can benefit from features like:

Auto-updates and versioning: MSIX packages can update themselves automatically and keep track of the installed version, which reduces the burden of manual updates and ensures compatibility.

Containerization and isolation: MSIX packages can run in a containerized and isolated environment, which enhances security and stability.

Simplified deployment: MSIX packages can be deployed through the Microsoft Store, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Intune, or other management tools, which simplifies the deployment process.

Flexibility: MSIX packages can support various scenarios, such as streaming, virtualization, cloud attach, or traditional install, which makes them adaptable to different environments.

Why Choose appCURE for MSIX Conversion?

At appCURE, we understand the challenges of app packaging and delivery and have developed a several proprietary solutions including running capture that simplifies the process and enhances the results. Our appCURE Studio platform offers several benefits, such as:

  • Easy-to-use: appCURE Studio has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that requires only 60 to ninety minutes of training to get started.
  • Fast and efficient: appCURE Studio can convert an application every 6-8 minutes from EXE to MSIX package to MSIX image (VHD) and smoke test it, which reduces the time and effort needed for packaging and testing. This is around 7 to 10 apps per hour packaging using appCURE studio, compared to approximately an hour per app using other tooling.
  • Reliable: appCURE Studio can handle various scenarios, such as click-to-run applications or missing install media and ensure a high-quality output that meets the MSIX standards.
  • Flexible: appCURE Studio can customize the conversion process to fit your needs and enable specific features like app attach or cloud attach.
  • High Conversion Rate: With the latest test, we achieved an 87% success rate, and when leveraging PSF tweaks, we increased it to more than a 92% conversion rate of the number of apps we evaluated with appCURE.

What Does Microsoft Say About appCURE and MSIX?

We’re proud to share some of the feedback we’ve received from Microsoft about our collaboration and the benefits of MSIX and appCURE. According to Thomas Fennel, a Group Product Manager at Microsoft, “MSIX and appCURE deliver an easy way for enterprise customers to realize the reliability and cost savings of MSIX today and take a step towards enabling their apps to run even better on Windows 11 on the client, or in the cloud with Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365.”

Shivank Agarwal, a Site Reliability Engineer at Microsoft, adds that “appCURE is the perfect CURE to packaging paralysis. Fast, Efficient, and Reliable to be able to convert apps to MSIX and quickly smoke test to make it ready for app attach.”

With the high conversion rate of appCURE and the benefits of MSIX, we’re confident that our solution can help businesses of all sizes to simplify their app packaging and delivery and reduce costs and risks. Whether you’re migrating to Windows 11 or adopting Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365, appCURE can help you enable your apps to run even better and faster than ever.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our solution and how we can help your business benefit from the power of MSIX and appCURE. Together with Microsoft, we’re committed to driving the adoption of modern packaging technologies and delivering value to our customers.

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MSIX app attach: The Modern Way of Deploying Applications

MSIX app attach: The Modern Way of Deploying Applications

..In today’s fast-paced digital world, organisations need to have access to their applications quickly and easily. Installing software on each device, especially in a large enterprise, can be a time-consuming and complicated process. That’s where MSIX app attach comes in. This technology revolutionises the way organisations deploy applications in a virtualised environment, making it easier and more efficient for IT administrators.

What is MSIX app attach?

MSIX app attach is a modern way of deploying applications in a virtualised environment. The technology was initially created for use with Azure Virtual Desktop, but its use and demand are growing in other areas as well. MSIX app attach allows IT administrators to package once and deliver applications directly to user workspaces, eliminating the need for a traditional installation process. Instead of having to install applications on the operating system, MSIX app attach delivers the applications directly to a user’s workspace by attaching an MSIX image and registering the apps with the operating system, offering a more secure, consistent, and up-to-date delivery of applications.

MSIX app attach uses Microsoft’s latest application packaging format, MSIX, to ensure that applications are delivered in a secure and consistent manner. The MSIX format also ensures that applications can run on different versions of Windows 10, providing greater flexibility and compatibility.

Why Use MSIX app attach?

MSIX app attach offers several benefits to organisations, including:

Simplified Deployment: With MSIX app attach, IT administrators no longer have to worry about installing applications on each device. Instead, applications are delivered directly to a user’s workspace, reducing the time and effort required for deployment.

Secure and Consistent Delivery: MSIX app attach uses the MSIX format, which essentially containerises applications and provides an additional security layer to the applications transformed within MSIX. This means that users have access to multiple versions of the application with no version interference and that data is kept secure.

Compatibility with Different Versions of Windows 10: The MSIX format used by MSIX app attach ensures that applications can run on different versions of Windows 10, 11 and Server 2022, providing greater flexibility and compatibility.

Cost Savings: MSIX app attach eliminates the need for traditional installation processes, which can be time-consuming and expensive. MSIX app attach helps organisations save time and money by simplifying the deployment process.

Why Use appCURE to Implement MSIX app attach?

While MSIX app attach is a powerful capability, deploying it can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s where appCURE comes in. appCURE studio has a set of tooling designed to simplify and speed up the process of MSIX app attach. In addition, it offers proprietary features, including batch MSIX image creation, CIMFS image creation, MSIX app compatibility, and MSIX image smoke testing. These features help IT administrators quickly and efficiently create MSIX images for deployment in their environment.

In addition, appCURE has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that its product portfolio supports all aspects of MSIX app attach assessment, transformation, and testing. This allows IT administrators to take advantage of the latest advancements in MSIX app attach without worrying about compatibility issues.

Furthermore, appCURE is a cost-effective solution that can help organisations save time and money compared to traditional deployment methods. With its user-friendly interface and simplified process, IT administrators can deploy MSIX app attach with confidence and ease.

In Conclusion…

if you want to deploy MSIX app attach in your organisation, appCURE is a solution you should consider. Its user-friendly interface and streamlined process make it easy for IT administrators to deploy MSIX app attach with confidence and ease. Whether you are new to MSIX app attach or have experience deploying applications in a virtualised environment, appCURE is a cost-effective solution that can help you achieve your goals. So, why wait? Start exploring appCURE today and see how it can help you take advantage of the benefits of MSIX app attach.

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The Importance of Repackaging Apps in MSIX Format for Improved Security

The Importance of Repackaging Apps in MSIX Format for Improved Security

In today’s digital landscape, security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. The rise of remote work and the increasing use of cloud-based apps has made it even more critical to protect sensitive information. One effective way to improve the security of business apps is to repackage them in the MSIX format.

MSIX is a modern application package format that provides a secure and reliable way to install, update, and manage applications on Windows 10, 11 devices and Windows Server 2022. This format has several benefits over traditional installation methods, including:

Improved security: MSIX apps are protected by Windows security features, including SmartScreen and Windows Defender, which help prevent malware infections and reduce the risk of data breaches. Additionally, MSIX supports compliance with industry security standards, such as Cyber Essentials, by providing a secure and managed container for apps and addressing key security principles such as boundary firewalls and internet gateways, secure configuration, access control, malware protection, and patch management.

Simplified deployment: MSIX apps can be easily deployed and managed through the Microsoft Store for Business and enterprise delivery technologies like Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace One and AppVentiX, which eliminate the need for manual installations and reduce the risk of configuration errors.

Additionally, migrating to MSIX enables dynamic application delivery (MSIX app attach), allowing enterprises to deploy and manage applications centrally to the users who need each specific app without installing every app on the master image. Businesses can use the likes of Azure Virtual Desktop, AppVentiX, Nerdio, VMware App Volumes and Parallels RAS to deliver applications in the MSIX app attach format to users.

Streamlined updates: MSIX apps can be updated automatically through the Microsoft Store for Business and other supported MSIX enterprise app management solutions, ensuring that users have the latest version of the app with the latest security updates and bug fixes.

Sandboxing: The MSIX format also provides a sandboxing capability, which isolates the app from the underlying operating system (container), reducing the risk of malware infections and other security threats. The sandbox container provides limited access to system resources, including read access to the global file and registry of the device. This helps to prevent the app from making unauthorized changes to the system or accessing sensitive information. MSIX images (MSIX app attach) mount to the virtual desktop as read-only, which further helps tighten the grip on security.

Code signing Certificates: code signing certificates with MSIX packages are a mandatory requirement to enable installation. This can add a level of trust to the apps you use, which is important in the context of enterprise app deployment. The certificate helps to verify the authenticity of the MSIX package and that it has not been altered or infected by malware. This provides extra protection for sensitive information and reduces the risk of security breaches. Additionally, code-signing certificates can help ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. This can provide peace of mind for businesses and their customers, as they know that the applications they are using are secure and trustworthy.

Legacy apps: Legacy applications can pose a significant security risk as they may not have been updated to address the latest security threats. By packaging legacy apps into MSIX format, organizations can ensure that they have a secure, containerized version of the application. Sealing is a term we use at appCURE for packaging old applications into an MSIX. Sealing an application into the MSIX package means the application will not change and will not receive future updates. Sealing into an MSIX reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities. MSIX helps businesses meet industry security standards and reduces the risk of security breaches, even when faced with legacy applications that need to be maintained for archival or other reasons during modernization projects.

In conclusion, repackaging business apps in MSIX format provides numerous security benefits and helps businesses stay ahead of potential security threats. By using MSIX, companies can simplify their application deployment and management while ensuring their sensitive information is protected and aligned with industry standards such as Cyber Essentials. It’s time to make the switch to MSIX and take control of your app security today.


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