The Importance of Repackaging Apps in MSIX Format for Improved Security

The Importance of Repackaging Apps in MSIX Format for Improved Security

In today’s digital landscape, security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. The rise of remote work and the increasing use of cloud-based apps has made it even more critical to protect sensitive information. One effective way to improve the security of business apps is to repackage them in the MSIX format.

MSIX is a modern application package format that provides a secure and reliable way to install, update, and manage applications on Windows 10, 11 devices and Windows Server 2022. This format has several benefits over traditional installation methods, including:

Improved security: MSIX apps are protected by Windows security features, including SmartScreen and Windows Defender, which help prevent malware infections and reduce the risk of data breaches. Additionally, MSIX supports compliance with industry security standards, such as Cyber Essentials, by providing a secure and managed container for apps and addressing key security principles such as boundary firewalls and internet gateways, secure configuration, access control, malware protection, and patch management.

Simplified deployment: MSIX apps can be easily deployed and managed through the Microsoft Store for Business and enterprise delivery technologies like Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace One and AppVentiX, which eliminate the need for manual installations and reduce the risk of configuration errors.

Additionally, migrating to MSIX enables dynamic application delivery (MSIX app attach), allowing enterprises to deploy and manage applications centrally to the users who need each specific app without installing every app on the master image. Businesses can use the likes of Azure Virtual Desktop, AppVentiX, Nerdio, VMware App Volumes and Parallels RAS to deliver applications in the MSIX app attach format to users.

Streamlined updates: MSIX apps can be updated automatically through the Microsoft Store for Business and other supported MSIX enterprise app management solutions, ensuring that users have the latest version of the app with the latest security updates and bug fixes.

Sandboxing: The MSIX format also provides a sandboxing capability, which isolates the app from the underlying operating system (container), reducing the risk of malware infections and other security threats. The sandbox container provides limited access to system resources, including read access to the global file and registry of the device. This helps to prevent the app from making unauthorized changes to the system or accessing sensitive information. MSIX images (MSIX app attach) mount to the virtual desktop as read-only, which further helps tighten the grip on security.

Code signing Certificates: code signing certificates with MSIX packages are a mandatory requirement to enable installation. This can add a level of trust to the apps you use, which is important in the context of enterprise app deployment. The certificate helps to verify the authenticity of the MSIX package and that it has not been altered or infected by malware. This provides extra protection for sensitive information and reduces the risk of security breaches. Additionally, code-signing certificates can help ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. This can provide peace of mind for businesses and their customers, as they know that the applications they are using are secure and trustworthy.

Legacy apps: Legacy applications can pose a significant security risk as they may not have been updated to address the latest security threats. By packaging legacy apps into MSIX format, organizations can ensure that they have a secure, containerized version of the application. Sealing is a term we use at appCURE for packaging old applications into an MSIX. Sealing an application into the MSIX package means the application will not change and will not receive future updates. Sealing into an MSIX reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities. MSIX helps businesses meet industry security standards and reduces the risk of security breaches, even when faced with legacy applications that need to be maintained for archival or other reasons during modernization projects.

In conclusion, repackaging business apps in MSIX format provides numerous security benefits and helps businesses stay ahead of potential security threats. By using MSIX, companies can simplify their application deployment and management while ensuring their sensitive information is protected and aligned with industry standards such as Cyber Essentials. It’s time to make the switch to MSIX and take control of your app security today.


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Legacy applications causing the IT industry headaches

Legacy applications causing the IT industry headaches

As the number of legacy applications continues to grow, the associated technical migraines are gaining in strength. Ryan Mangan, FBCS CITP, cloud and end-user computing technologist, and CTO at appCURE assesses organisations’ pain-killer options.

Have a read of the article on BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT on “Legacy applications causing the IT industry headaches”, which calls out the app challenges the industry faces and some of the options available to organisations to address the issues a organisation may face.

See the following link: Legacy applications causing the it industry headaches | BCS

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Extracting SCCM Installation Media and Modernising at speed

Extracting SCCM Installation Media and Modernising at speed

Over the last 6 months, appCURE has been working hard to bring to the market some big updates to the appCURE product portfolio. One of our latest innovations is the newly added capability to extract all Installation media from SCCM ready to be processed and repackages with appCURE. This ground-breaking feature enables customers to quickly extract all the SCCM Installation media without impacting existing production systems and then process/repackage ready for ingestion to a new modern workspace like Microsoft Intune, and VMware WorkspaceOne / VMware App Volumes.

introduced in September 2022 appCURE released version 3.1 of appCURE studio including the new SCCM extraction feature.

 This feature also includes bandwidth throttling to prevent bandwidth saturation and noisy neighbour issues from occurring.

The following diagram depicts the solution in logical form: 

appCURE’s key focus is to help customers get to production quicker and we continue to keep adding value in spaces where customers can save time and reduce costs. 


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Announcing appCURE Studio v3

Announcing appCURE Studio v3

appCURE is pleased to announce appCURE Studio v3. 

 The latest version boasts a new product graphical user interface, improved core capabilities, and unique features that further support customers and partners. appCURE continues to focus on improving application migration, MSIX enablement, modernisation, and management capabilities, enabling customers to get to production faster.

This release brings the following feature announcements:

  • Intune Support for MSI and MSIX
  • Heterogeneity application reporting
  • Access to 4000+ applications for repackaging
  • Packaging optimisations
  • MSIX inspection and MSIX App Attach “Good candidacy Check”
  • Leading MSIX app attach tooling offering unmatched packaging capabilities and smoke testing
  • Advanced MSIX Certificate Management and handling
  • Multiple vendor Integrations
  • MSIX shared Package Container support

Read the full Change log here: 

Release appCURE Studio V3 · ssh2appslimited/appCURE_Studiov3_public

See the following press release for more information on this announcement:

appCURE (SSH2apps ltd) announces appCURE STUDIO V3 – IssueWire

Stay tuned for our next series of announcements on automation and partner integration.

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Calor Gas Case Study

Calor Gas Case Study

Here is another great example of how appCURE is helping customers. We are quite simply unsticking stalled projects and helping customers migrate quicker! This specific case study is on the challenges associated with migrating to Citrix cloud due to legacy app issues.

 “Utilising appCURE’s unique running capture capability, Calor was able to successfully move their applications to a new Citrix infrastructure supporting the latest versions and Citrix Cloud. By successfully moving to the new Citrix
platform, Calor were able to avoid redevelopment of some of the applications which would have been costly and time consuming. It also allowed the IT team to reduce the number of different operating systems that they maintained, which both reduces maintenance time but more importantly improves the security.”

appCURE allowed us to move to the modern desktop without costly and time-consuming redevelopment, they have been brilliant!” 

IT Department, Calor

You can read more on the work we did here: Calor Gas Case study


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