Announcing appCURE Studio v3

Announcing appCURE Studio v3

appCURE is pleased to announce appCURE Studio v3. 

 The latest version boasts a new product graphical user interface, improved core capabilities, and unique features that further support customers and partners. appCURE continues to focus on improving application migration, MSIX enablement, modernisation, and management capabilities, enabling customers to get to production faster.

This release brings the following feature announcements:

  • Intune Support for MSI and MSIX
  • Heterogeneity application reporting
  • Access to 4000+ applications for repackaging
  • Packaging optimisations
  • MSIX inspection and MSIX App Attach “Good candidacy Check”
  • Leading MSIX app attach tooling offering unmatched packaging capabilities and smoke testing
  • Advanced MSIX Certificate Management and handling
  • Multiple vendor Integrations
  • MSIX shared Package Container support

Read the full Change log here: 

Release appCURE Studio V3 · ssh2appslimited/appCURE_Studiov3_public

See the following press release for more information on this announcement:

appCURE (SSH2apps ltd) announces appCURE STUDIO V3 – IssueWire

Stay tuned for our next series of announcements on automation and partner integration.

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Calor Gas Case Study

Calor Gas Case Study

Here is another great example of how appCURE is helping customers. We are quite simply unsticking stalled projects and helping customers migrate quicker! This specific case study is on the challenges associated with migrating to Citrix cloud due to legacy app issues.

 “Utilising appCURE’s unique running capture capability, Calor was able to successfully move their applications to a new Citrix infrastructure supporting the latest versions and Citrix Cloud. By successfully moving to the new Citrix
platform, Calor were able to avoid redevelopment of some of the applications which would have been costly and time consuming. It also allowed the IT team to reduce the number of different operating systems that they maintained, which both reduces maintenance time but more importantly improves the security.”

appCURE allowed us to move to the modern desktop without costly and time-consuming redevelopment, they have been brilliant!” 

IT Department, Calor

You can read more on the work we did here: Calor Gas Case study


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Announcing appCURE Repo

Announcing appCURE Repo

appCURE is pleased to announce “appCURE Repo” a modern and secure way to store, protect and deliver applications to Microsoft workspace solutions. appCURE’s latest product provides a secure market alternative as well as the ability to fully automate the update of applications using Azure Image builder.
appCURE’s repo supports the delivery of applications using the following methods, Manual pull requests, Scripted actions and Azure Image Builder (AIB). Support includes Microsoft Windows 10,11 and Windows Server 2022.

If you are looking for rapid adoption of Windows365, Azure Virtual Desktop or other workspace solutions, look no further.

If you are looking for rapid adoption of Windows365, Azure Virtual Desktop or other workspace solutions, look no further.

“appCURE repo has been developed to deliver application workloads with the required levels of security, management and choice that all organisations require in today’s hybrid workspace world. appCURE has been building in security and automation to help organisations deliver their applications to their devices within days, fundamentally changing project outcomes and will continue to push the speed of application transformation message from appCURE’s Product range to help ensure faster outcomes and successful projects” Said Steve Horne – CEO

Read the press release here

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appCURE Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program

appCURE Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program

appCURE are pleased to announce the latest Technology Alliance Partnership (TAP) with VMware. appCURE simplifies the customer migration journey to VMware, reducing project times from years down to months and weeks.

appCURE has also invested heavily into simplifying the adoption of dynamic application delivery technology supporting both MSIX app attach & VMware AppVolumes. appCURE’s product portfolio provides advanced tooling to support accelerated adoption and packaging to VMware digital workspaces, cloud and virtualisation platforms.

Please see the press release link for this partnership: appCURE (ssh2apps limited) Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program – IssueWire

You can find more details on the VMware Marketplace here: VMware Marketplace

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appCURE simplifies the migration of legacy apps

appCURE simplifies the migration of legacy apps


The end of support of older operating systems is inevitable. Time moves on and software vendors progress their products, features and capabilities. The fundamental challenge with this has always been the complexity of migrating applications. Some Organisations invest heavily in custom internal software development and rely on this software for business administration, manufacturing, finance and many other scenarios. Organisations also rely on the continuation of this software and can sometimes face challenges when the Operating system that the application runs on becomes End Of Life (EOL).

Other challenges organisations face is the time to redevelop or migrate to the new/future workspace also referred to as elongated project times. So what can you do, what are your options? In this article, We will explore the options today and how you use appCURE to help move older applications to the modern workspace.

Let’s first look at the myths surrounding 16-bit apps.


The myth of not being able to run 16-bit applications on a 64-bit operating system is banded around a lot today. Native support for 16-bit applications is not supported on a 64-bit operating system however, there are techniques that can be used to emulate the instruction set. You can even emulate 8-bit applications however it’s understood there is a minute requirement for these types of apps.

What about Type-2 Hypervisors, is this a valid solution?

Type-2 Hypervisors 

Do you need to run your older applications within a virtual machine? You can do this however this presents a number of potential challenges/risks:

  • Using an out of support operating system presents security risks and may cause your organisation to fail security assessments like Cyber Essentials.
  • Resource bloat as in you have to run the application on an operating system outside of your day to day device.
  • Security and access considerations for access to the application through the older operating system as well as something called VM escape.
  • IT support and maintenance of the type-2 hypervisor.
  • Third-party container-based hypervisor vendor lock-in and additional costs including custom image services to create the Virtual Image.

What’s about other packaging formats like App-V, lets now take a look briefly at App-V. 

Can you use App-V

App-V packages can be used to package older applications and deliver them to a supported App-V environment. The use of App-V is not as simple as one may assume, there are a set of requirements to use App-V. You can read more about the requirements here.

The other important point to note when it comes to App-V is that there is now a end of life roadmap which has been stipulated by Microsoft. You can read more here.

We now move on to looking at MSIX which is the big brother of App-V, aka the replacement. 

MSIX and MSIX app attach

MSIX has been coined as the modern application packaging format. With all-new technology and progressive things, it takes a bit of time to get to the utopia objective. The supportability for applications is improving with the use of MSIX. Microsoft focuses their time developing and improving the support and capabilities of MSIX and there have been significant improvements since its first launch. Naturally, some don’t like change and do not believe MSIX is ready to be the mature solution however appCURE and other Microsoft packaging partners will very much disagree with some of the comments within the IT Industry.

MSIX offers the capability of running your applications natively using the operating system’s API’s. MSIX works by running the application inside a lightweight container and by doing so, it effectively limits what the application can do. This is great for security. However, depending on how the app has been developed, functionality out of the box may be problematic in some cases. An application within an MSIX container can read the global operating system’s registry and file system however it can only write to its own virtual application data folder and own virtual registry.

Packaging older apps within an MSIX package provides security benefits and you can control the behaviour of the application in terms of what it can do within the operating system. It is also important to note that MSIX has been designed to address the challenge of Winrot which is a term used for when you uninstall an application and remnants of application files remain on the OS. It is important to note that you can only achieve a clean uninstall if the application has been packaged correctly and the correct use of the package support framework has been applied. What I mean by this is, if you use PSF to write files on launch outside of the MSIX container, it will not remove them on the uninstall as those files are outside the container.

The use of MSIX enables the use of Dynamic application delivery (MSIX app attach) for Azure Virtual Desktop and other Virtual Desktop environments. This opens up options to organisations and presents new ways of delivering apps like self-service, on-demand and simpler app management for desktop virtualisation. It is also important to note that you can today use MSIX with VMware App Volumes on version 4 where VMware have rearchitected their App volumes product to produce high packaging success rates. 

 How can appCURE help

appCURE specialise in application migration and transformation. We use a number of different application packaging methods as well as create intuitive ways to get your applications running on a modern workspace.

Have a look at the video below of appCURE running the 1982 game Paratrooper within an MSIX and MSIX app attach using CIMFS.



In this article, we touched on the challenges associated with migrating older applications to a modern workspace, some of the solutions out there, myths and the value of MSIX. We finished off by looking at a 1982 game Paratrooper running as an MSIX and MSIX app attach.

Check out our legacy page here where cover some of the capabilities appCURE has to offer.

Other references: 

 Risk of legacy apps – article by info security -The Windows 10 migration legacy application problem

 Techtarget – Virtual Machine Escape 

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Do you have older apps you need to migrate ?