appCURE is pleased to announce the Integration between Parallels® RAS (Remote Application Server) and appCURE® Studio. appCURE’s product portfolio offers comprehensive application Assessment, migration, packaging and transformation tools.   Now appCURE can package and publish MSIX app attach images directly to Parallels RAS. This blog discusses the technology integration and the value the partnership provides to customers.


Agility is a necessity in today’s world. Many organisations operate or are looking at a hybrid workspace-delivered solution and need the ability to provide access to applications quickly, securely, and cost-effectively moving forward. In addition, end users require reliability and security, whether your platform of choice is physical, virtual, or cloud.

The Parallels RAS and appCURE partnership and Integration help you simplify application management to get to production quickly; the Integration offers enhanced application lifecycle management and the ability to deliver modern application formats rapidly.

Dynamic application delivery with MSIX app attach

Today, Parallels RAS provides a solid MSIX app attach management solution enabling IT admins to manage, assign and publish MSIX application packages to end users via the Parallels RAS admin console. Parallels RAS also includes easier life cycle management, including version tagging and the automatic handling of code signing certificates required for MSIX and MSIX app attach images.

appCURE’s Added Value

appCURE is based on Capture, Update, Remediate and Execute (CURE). Four base process principles which the technology is built on. appCURE provides a comprehensive application packaging toolkit designed to unstick application migration projects and simplify the transition of applications to modern digital workspaces. appCURE also helps handle day two operations, including managing updates when required to keep applications in production.

Using appCURE Studio, you can package and convert applications into MSIX even if you don’t have the original installer for the application. In that case, appCURE’s running capture technology enables you to capture the application off the older operating system & package the captured app directly into MSIX, thus enabling Delivery to a modern digital workspace.

appCURE boasts an average time of approximately 6-8 minutes per application transformation, including smoke testing.

appCURE transforms the applications ready for Parallels RAS to deliver!

Parallels RAS and appCURE Integration

appCURE Studio 3.3.3 and onwards offers direct Integration to Parallels RAS. This integration enables you to capture, transform and publish applications into the MSIX format for any user. No manual action or scripting is required when using Parallels RAS and appCURE. This significantly reduces time spent managing application landscapes and reduces the number of RAS templates (golden/master image) needed as well as the fast application update cadence.


 The following video shows the appCURE and Parallels RAS Integration

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